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Adakah menjadi satu kesalahan dan jenayah untuk melukis? Anda nilaikan sendiri melalui apa yang berlaku kepada sekumpulan pelukis yang berjalan-jalan untuk melukis di jalan Bukit Bintang berdekatan Lot 10. Saudara Ahmad Hakym dan saudari Atilya Putri berkongsi cerita mereka dihalau daripada membuat sesuatu yang sangat mereka suka, melukis.

Ketika sedang melukis, para pelukis tersebut di halau oleh pengawal yang mereka tidak boleh melukis di situ, sedangkan mereka bukanlah dalam satu kumpulan yang ramai dan mereka tidak berada dalam bangunan tersebut malah mereka melukis di café yang berada berdekatan situ untuk melukis.

And this happened again during our @klsketchnation sketchwalk yesterday and i experienced the most ridiculous among all ive been through so far; A bunch of us were scattered along jalan Bukit Bintang to sketch in the public area, and the cafes along Jalan Bukit Bintang near @lot10klofficial as our point of reference to experience and reflect our urban setting and appreciate our vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur with sketches. But i was told by our fellow sketchers that they were chased away by the authorities telling that they cant sketch there. We were not even inside the building, and not even cluttered in a big group, everyone were just having theyre own sweet time sketching and having teas and coffees at the open cafes. Some of the sketchers even given up and stop sketching because they feel like its illegal. So i confronted the man in suit (cuz the other authorities cant even speak our language, why even they were given the authoritical power anyway?) one of the authority from Lot 10 asking for some explanation and ive got the most ridiculous claims; they said that we cant sketch their building because of the IP of the building. We cant sketch to any part of the building, stairs, facade, signboard, logos whatsoever because its owned by the owner. Then of course we asked what about photos? “Photos are ok as long as its a selfie. If you want to sketch u can sketch everything other than building. People, your friends, cars, etc. But i am instructed by the management to forbid people from sketching the building. And the tenants here dont like people drawing their shops,” so he claimed. Im totally speechless. Ive even asked few shops there if they have any problem about that, everyone thinks its ridiculous. We did finish our sketches anyway with permission by the cafes but we feel like a criminal sketching in own urban public setting. #sketchingisnotacrime #klsketchnation

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It’s been too long ✍🏻☕️ Short story; during our sketchwalk today, we were approached by Lot 10’s authorities saying we’re not allowed to sketch Lot 10 specifically bcs apparently they’re scared that we might steal the design as if we were gonna build a whole new Lot 10 at a new venue. We were like, “What if we take pictures of the building? Still considered stealing the design?” then they replied “Only selfies are allowed.” UMM R U OK 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ The @klsketchnation team had a debate session with them & in the end, they left us alone cs they rly cldnt do anything. I lost mood to even sketch Lot 10 & went to Starbucks after with bro & asked the staff if we can sketch there & they went “Sure, go crazy!” #SketchingIsNotACrime #klsketchnation

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Pihak pengurusan memberikan alasan bangunan tersebut tidak boleh dilukis kerana IP bangunan dan penyewa di bangunan tersebut tidak suka orang melukis kedai mereka. Tapi jika mereka ingin mengambil gambar ianya dibolehkan jika ianya selfie dan mereka dibolehkan untuk melakar orang, kawan, kereta dan lain-lain tetapi tidak bangunan.

Bagi anda diluar sana, apakah pandangan anda mengenai perkara ini? Adakah ianya salah untuk melukis sekadar untuk pembelajaran dan melukis untuk mempamerkan keindahan bandar kota Kuala Lumpur? Pihak Lot 10 perlu membuat kenyataan terbuka tentang isu ini.